What We Can Look Forward to in Microsoft Dynamics CRM for 2015

Microsoft Dynamics CRM, customer relationship management as many people know it, is a business management suite that helps businesses from small to enterprise better collect and analyze their customer data. In 2015, Microsoft Dynamics will offer even better collaborative options between sales and marketing.

Collaboration: That’s what today’s CRM software is all about, particularly with the upcoming, 2015 Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The Redmond Giant is known, of course, for offering products and updates that improve workplace communications while enhancing productivity.

The focus on the new and improved Dynamics, which is scheduled for release during the fourth quarter of this year, will be centered around the needs of sales and marketing.

For starters, the new iteration will not only corral those quirky duplicate entries, but offer a seamless way for the customer to actually engage with sales and marketing; this, to help create more relevant campaigns, while allowing the sales department to discover more opportunities for selling. In the latter case, information can be shared with marketing to help them craft better messaging.

Getting More Out of the Email Editor

A lot of users find productivity through CSS (cascading style sheets) and HTML. Both will still be available in 2015 with a number of new templates. Ultimately, this will mean more creative and appealing email campaigns.

The user doesn’t have to be a graphic designer to produce the emails. Photos and other materials can be brought in via the drag-and-drop method.

A New and Improved Dashboard

Called the ‘Campaign Management Console, the revisions bring critical overviews regarding ongoing projects. This could be an A/B testing scenario and even embedded offerings.

What’s more, data analysis happens in real-time so marketing can inject different parameters into their A/B tests.

Enhanced Marketing Collaboration

Now, the marketing department can fine tune all of their promotions after getting input from sales.

In fact, the Sales Collaboration Panel is geared for authorized users and managers to collaborate with marketing. Stakeholders can then receive instant alerts from prospects as the campaign unfolds.

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