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Computer Careers are Virtually Everywhere

You are most likely aware of the speed at which technology is being integrated into every aspect of an organization’s business operations. Computers are virtually everywhere: in BPOs, schools, institutes, hospitals, security departments, factories and workshops etc.

At all these places, the services of a computer support specialist is required to ensure that the systems are in working order, to develop and implement new hardware and software solutions and to train people at work.

The demand for computer support specialists is bound to increase in future. This is because only a specialist knows about what goes on behind the colorful graphic user interface. It has in fact become one of the most lucrative career options for today’s technology savvy youth.

Computer Support Specialist Salary Information

young woman with laptop giving supportEntry level salary ranges from 45k – 50k.

Currently, the salary of an entry level computer support specialist ranges from $45,000 to $50,000, depending upon the size, stature and operations of the organization.

Fringe benefits like travel allowance, sick leave, retirement provisions, healthcare provisions etc are provided according to the job contract.

Computer Support Specialist Education Requirements

Study buddies learning computer skills

Computer support specialists need strong analytical and problem solving skills.

Ideally, a support specialist is required to hold a bachelor’s degree in computer applications and hardware implementation program from a reputed institute or university.

Additionally, completing certification courses in computer science subjects offered by various universities and companies like Microsoft, Cisco, Java etc is an added benefit. Strong communication, analytical and problem solving skills increase the chances of finding a high-salaried job.

Computer Support Specialist Work Environment

man working on servers in server room

A computer support specialist works an average of 45 hours per week.

A computer support specialist enjoys a diverse working environment. On average, he works 45 hours a week, though his services may be required on weekends as well. In case a support specialist works with a computer service provider, the time at work is divided into the time spent troubleshooting the user problems on call, personal technical visit to the client’s place to fix system problems and working in-house to develop new software and hardware modules.

In the case that you are a part of an organization’s IT team, your work will involve developing new software functionalities and making sure the computers are in smooth functioning order. Training the personnel on efficient use of computers is also one of the designated tasks.

The job is sedentary in nature, however, going from one place to another entails sufficient movement. The person works mostly in computer lab or with other members of the organization in an appointed place.

It is clear that there is going to be a huge demand for computer special specialists in the times to come. As stated earlier, practical knowledge of handling technical problems and rectifying them is very crucial. If you think you have it in you that what takes to be a good support specialist, then the domain is your to explore and succeed.