How To Type Really Fast on a Computer

How To Type Really Fast on a Computer

Doing something for years doesn’t guarantee that you’re doing it correctly. This is the case for several people who have never had formal typing training. If you find yourself in this situation, then here’s how you can type faster on the computer.

Improve Your Finger Placement

Finger placement is the most important factor when it comes to typing. Some users still don’t know what keys their fingers should be on while in the starting position. It might feel uncomfortable at first, but you’ll get used to it over time. Remember, there’s no real way to improve your typing speed without getting your finger placement down first.

Use All 10 Fingers

10 fingers can type faster than 2 fingers. No one argues that, and yet you’ll still see many people in the office who type with their two pointer fingers. As long as you’ve learned the correct finger placements, you can type with 10 fingers. All you have to do is know which keys each finger is responsible for.


Once you’ve taken care of the two most important factors — finger placement and using all 10 fingers — there’s not really anything else that you need to learn. However, starting to type this way will undoubtedly feel awkward at first. By using sites like, you can improve your speed over time. Just start out slow, learn the correct movements, and get better as you go along.

Buy a New Computer

It’s possible that your laptop is limiting your typing speed. Some brands, like Lenovo, are known for having excellent keyboards. If you just picked the cheapest laptop at Best Buy several years ago, then it may be time for a new one. If typing speed is your main focus, then read reviews regarding different laptops and their keyboards.

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