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The End is Near: Goodbye Windows 7 0

The End is Near: Goodbye Windows 7

January 2020 is the end of Windows 7 as we know it. Like saying farewell to a dear friend, Microsoft has begun to phase out 7 in favor of the new and improved Windows...

Tip of the Day: Maximizing Your Start Menu

Maximizing Your Start Menu

Did you love the start button functionalities from Windows 7, but dislike what happened with Windows 8 and Windows 10? We’ve got a hot tip for you that returns that feature with multiple options...

Microsoft Windows 10 Passwords Will No Longer Expire

Celebrating the Return of the Start Menu

Although Windows 8 boasted several improvements to the operating system, its much-loved Start menu disappeared. After much clamoring by users, Microsoft decided to bring back the Start menu for the upcoming Windows 10. (There...