What Education Does A Computer Support Specialist Need?

What Education Does A Computer Support Specialist Need?

In modern businesses, nearly everything is managed on computer systems. It’s no wonder why careers in information technology continue to grow at a above-average rate. If you enjoy helping people solve problems, and have an aptitude for working with computers, a career as a computer support specialist might be the right path for you.

A computer support specialist troubleshoots and finds solutions to computer and software problems. They may work in an organization or business as part of the IT department, or may work for a help desk firm. Computer support specialists are needed in a variety of fields, like education, finance, telecommunications, or government jobs. Many times, this work can be completed from a remote location, with support given over the phone, but sometimes computer support specialists may need to work on location.

Although many entry-level computer support specialist positions will give on-the-job training, getting a specialized degree can give you the education you need to succeed in the field. Helpful courses to consider include diagnostics, computer hardware and software, operating systems, and networks. In addition to attaining a degree, additional certifications, like Microsoft and CompTIA can demonstrate your competence in common types of software.

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As technology continues to grow and change, continuing education is needed. A love of learning is definitely necessary to be successful as a computer support specialist. Attending conferences, symposiums, and training sessions, and pursuing more certifications can help to keep you on top of all the latest trends. If you want to start on an exciting career path, computer support specialists are in high demand in today’s digital world.

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