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Linux Distributions

Having Trouble with Windows 10? Try Linux!

Today more and more people are using Windows 10, mainly because the vast majority of new computers come with it pre installed. This doesn’t mean however that most people are having a great experience...

Tech Term of the Week: Motherboard

Your computer is built from countless parts and intricacies, one of which is the motherboard. In this weeks’ tech term, we’ll go in-depth into what the motherboard does for your computer, as well as...

Computer Support Training Overview

Computer Support Specialist Training Overview

Computer support is one of the fastest growing professions with good pay and good hours. Computer technicians are in very high demand due their critical place in the workplace. Small businesses hire computer support...

Computer Support Degree

Should I Get an Information Technology Degree?

Whether you are considering a career in information technology (IT), or you have already started down this career path, you should take a moment to consider getting a degree in information technology. While many...

Computer Support Specialist Skills

Computer Support Specialist Skills

As a computer support specialist skills require technical support to businesses, their employees, and their customers. They provide this assistance by using computer software and other equipment. They are also known as technical support...

Computer Support Specialists

What Education Does A Computer Support Specialist Need?

In modern businesses, nearly everything is managed on computer systems. It’s no wonder why careers in information technology continue to grow at a above-average rate. If you enjoy helping people solve problems, and have...

The Complete History of Personal Computers

This infographic really brought the nostalgia and I enjoyed going backwards through the years. It is amazing how far we have come! Special thanks to Conosco IT Partners for putting this together.