Computer Support Specialist Training Overview

Computer Support Specialist Training Overview

Computer support is one of the fastest growing professions with good pay and good hours. Computer technicians are in very high demand due their critical place in the workplace. Small businesses hire computer support when they get to critical mass. They also demand these workers on contract to help staff get up and running. There are a few things that computer support workers need during training.

Firstly, support specialists must understand basic electrical engineering. They do not need an advanced course, but they must understand how the energy flows into the machine to keep it running. They have to know the parts of the computer, tablet or phone that they are working on. In particular, the technician has to know how the chip interacts with the rest of the computer to keep it functioning properly.

Next, the technician has to learn about the standard operating systems and how to program them. Again, they do not need a PhD in programming, but do need to know the basic coding to determine which parts of the machine are working properly. These tell if the internet if connecting properly, if background programs are running and if there has been a critical error.

Importantly, technicians have to know about memory storage. They need to know how to forensically find data when it appears to be lost. Additionally, they need to be able to store data on storage drives to protect it while the machine is being worked on.

Support specialists also must know how to keep a computer and network protected by installing the latest software and encrypting messages. They have to know how to set up a network properly to connect all of the machines as well.

Lastly, they need to train to be courteous and helpful at all times. Getting to the bottom of problems in a respectful ways makes the job more fulfilling and long-lasting.

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