How to Backup Your Computer

Imagine this scenario.

Your business is thriving. Just a month ago you hired two more employees, and you are considering expanding further. Your office is filled with employees hard at work on customer’s orders.

You smile with satisfaction. Everything is going great.

Fast forward to tomorrow and your entire business is in shambles. Your computer system is down and all of your information has been lost. You know that it will take months to replace the lost information and start running efficiently again. Your dreams of expansion have been delayed.

This scenario isn’t far-fetched if you don’t back up your computer. It has happened many times in the past, and it is crucial that you learn how to backup your computer effectively.

There are two ways to backup your computer: backup to a physical drive and backup to a cloud-based storage system. In this article on how to back up your computer we discuss both.

1.  Physical drive

Many businesses regret using physical drives to backup their computer. USB drives are expensive and are easily lost or destroyed. While you can benefit from being able to take your backup with you, if it is damaged in an event such as a fire all your data is gone. In addition, USB drives can be stolen.

Physical drives are not the optimal way to back up your computer.

2. Cloud-based storage

When you use a cloud-based storage service all of your data is stored online. If you use a good company your data will be secure and easily accessible.

When learning how to back up your computer this is the method that you want to use. It is far superior to the physical drive method because you can access your data anywhere and there’s no risk of a USB drive being destroyed.

Backing up your computer using cloud-based storage is simple. Simply choose a company then follow their directions to transfer your files to the cloud-based system. The process is quick and easy.

Google and Microsoft have excellent backup solutions and integrate into your devices beautifully. If you prefer a company that specializes in only cloud backup solutions there is Box and Dropbox, and many others. All the services offer a free amount of space to backup to, though it varies so you may want to do some research.

There are also backup solutions that specialize in photo and picture backup such as Amazon Cloud Storage and Flikr.

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