DefenderShield: iPhone EMF Radiation Case

DefenderShield: iPhone EMF Radiation Case
Electromagnetic Field radiation (EMF) can be potentially hazardous to the human body. Radiation, according to physics, is a transfer of energy as waves or particles from one medium to another. When you place a cell phone or smart phone near your body, cellular radiation, WiFi radiation, Bluetooth radiation, and ELF radiation occurs between the device and you. Based on the level of exposure to this radiation, it could be harmful.
The DefenderShield is an iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s case that blocks virtually 100% of iPhone EMF radiation from the front of your phone. This unique solution is backed by FCC certified lab testing to provide the ultimate in safety when using your iPhone. 
While the flip cover is closed, highly advanced shielding materials work in unison to divert, absorb, and create a barrier that protects the broad spectrum of what could be harmful emissions of cell phone radiation.
Handcrafted with a soft microfiber interior and PU leather exterior, the DefenderShield iPhone radiation case provides stylish protection that is resistant to scratches and stains.

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