Turning Long Internet Addresses Into Easy to Read URLs

Link sharing is one of the easiest ways to share new content with colleagues, friends, and family. If you want to share important information with a supervisor, manager or client, then including multiple convoluted URL’s can easily make the email or message difficult to navigate.

Here are a few tips that you can use to trim down long internet addresses.

Use a Link Management Platform

A link management platform transforms your long link into one that is easy to read and navigate. The platform also allows you to manage all of your existing links in one place. If you do not share links often, then a link management platform will work best. However, if you share links daily, then it can quickly become time-consuming trying to navigate all your links.

For heavy link sharers, read on to see another method that you can use to shorten your URLs.

Examples of link management platforms:

  • Bitly: http://bit.ly/
  • Google: http://goo.gl/
  • TinyURL: http://tinyurl.com/

Install a URL Shortener Add-on into Your Browser

Whether you are using Mozilla or Google Chrome, you can install a link shortener add-on into your web browser. An add-on is great if you plan to use email or any other kind of text application frequently. It allows you to shorten the URL inside of the application. This means you no longer have to navigate to a third-party website.

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