Organize Your Team, Projects & Documents with Office 365

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To increase productivity, what many small businesses really need to do is improve their organization. Just as a messy desk can hinder an individual employee, disorganization in a company can lead to wasted time and money.

Businesses can improve their organization with Microsoft Office 365. New programs included with the Office package, such as Lync and Sharepoint, improve its functionality. Businesses can now collaborate and stay organized with Office 365 Online. Here are three examples of how you can do just that:

Organize your projects

With Office 365, you can encourage collaboration among employees. Even if employees are on different teams or in different departments, it’s easy to collaborate with Microsoft Sharepoint.

This improves project management simply by making it easier for businesses to stay organized. Rather than having to send files back and forth through email, employees can work on the same project together.

Organize your team

With Microsoft Lync, businesses can make internal communication easier than ever. Lync provides an optimal user experience that focuses on simplicity and functionality.

If you already use VoIP, then you can use Lync to keep your client base and employees more organized. If you’re considering switching to it, then Microsoft Lync makes the transition easier for employees.

Organize your documents

When you use Microsoft Sharepoint to save documents, you have the option of storing them on the cloud. Although this isn’t necessary, it helps businesses to keep track of their documents on a company-wide basis.

As a manager, it’s important for you to have access to all files from accounting spreadsheets to marketing presentations. Storing your documents on the cloud will make this easier.

Businesses that take full advantage of Microsoft Office 365 notice an improvement in organization and an increase in productivity. With Microsoft Lync and Microsoft Sharepoint, communication and collaboration are easier than ever.

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