Wondering What People are Thinking When They Use Your Website? Find Out!

mad man
Ever wonder what people are thinking while navigating your website? Getting real live feedback from users can help you enhance the flow and user experience of your site. UserBob.com offers this service at different levels providing real audio/video commentary of users navigating and discussing their opinions.

At the basic “First Impressions” tier 10 users will let you know how they feel about the site, who they believe it is for, and offer suggestions on what can be done to improve it, if necessary.

The “Task Completion” tier offers 4 minute sessions of 5 different users attempting to complete a specific task on your site. They will record their voice and movements on screen, talking about the experience. In this way you will be able to learn quickly what people love and hate about the website.
UserBob’s discount user testing also offers a customized option where you can select the amount of users and up to 8 minutes of video, while also choosing the demographics, scenario, tasks, and more. For the first time you can watch real users on your site and make the changes that can decrease your bounce rate and increase traffic and conversions.

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