Saving Time and Improving Your Internet Search Results

Search engines run using an algorithm to determine which results appear for each search. If you are looking for something specific it can become frustrating if it does not immediately appear in the search result. Sometimes you need to change the way that you are using the search engine.

Here are a few internet search tips for using search engines to their full potential and saving time.

Search Exact Phrases Using Quotes

Typing a phrase into your search bar will only show results where the words are used throughout the page. If you want to find the exact phrase in your results, then try including quotes around your phrase. This tells the search engine to only return results using the exact wording.

Specify the File Type

If you are looking for a handbook, manual, or any type of material that is commonly printed in pdf form, then you do not want to have to sift through search results to find this information. Adding the file type to your search will ensure that your search engine only returns results that are in that format.

For example, if you are looking for a pdf version of a text add “filetype:pdf” to the end of the text you are searching.

Use Local Search

If you are looking for something that is only specific to your local area, then you should use a localized search. Local search results can easily get stuck behind pages of national search results. Google offers Google local as an easy way to search for news and other content in your area.

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