The Best Way to Protect Your Laptop

The Best Way to Protect Your Laptop

Ever pick up your laptop and feel surprised at the heat that’s being generated from it? It can actually get quite hot to the point where you don’t really want to touch it. That’s because the nature of the small size, cramped components, and limited space for productive ventilation makes most laptops very susceptible to overheating. Especially these days, where laptops are getting noticeably smaller, the market is in a continuous competition to add computing power while decreasing the size to create the ultimate machine for portability and productivity.

Many of us don’t want our heat emanating machines sitting directly on our laps while we work because of the obvious personal discomfort factor. Therefore, we end up putting something like a blanket or towel on our laps to act as a buffer zone. All this does, however, is make things worse by blocking whatever ventilation that does exist on the bottom of the device and making things even hotter. Instead, try purchasing a good lap desk for under $30 and your computer’s vents should work just enough to keep it from really overheating, while keeping your own lap safe and cool from any temperature discomfort.

Another way of protecting your laptop is by covering it when it’s not in use. Many of us like to enjoy an iced tea or beverage while working and then forget about it, which leaves it dangerously close to the laptop after we walk away. This is a recipe for liquid-induced technological disaster. Once a sticky soda or even seemingly harmless glass of water gets into the components of your laptop, chance are that all mechanical function will cease to exist eventually. Cover your laptop when you’re away.

Take it one step further and buy a slim and lightweight carrying bag for it to easily take it with you while keeping it properly protected from harm during travel.

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