Tips For Performing Regular Website Security Maintenance

Tips For Performing Regular Website Security Maintenance

Launching a business website is a great way to attract more customers and establish a strong, authoritative presence on the web.

However, your site is also a source of vulnerability. It’s critical to keep an eye on it, perform regular website security maintenance, and stay up-to-date on security threats.

website security maintenance

What are some of the things you should do?

Monitor cyber security news. One example of how important this is came from a recent major data breach involving Cloudflare. A security bug wound up exposing passwords, cookies, and other sensitive identifying information from various business websites, with some of the leaked data getting picked up by search engines. Knowing about these developments is critical for acting quickly to protect your business as best you can or do any necessary damage control in the aftermath.

Keep your software updated. Let’s say you’re using WordPress as the content management system for your website. WordPress regularly releases software updates that improve performance and patch security holes; furthermore, any reputable WordPress plugin will do the same. Make sure you’re staying on top of updates and not running older versions that are riddled with vulnerabilities.

Review your site for security flaws. If you’re running an e-commerce site, for example, are there ways in which you may be inadvertently exposing customers’ personal information? Does your website contain vulnerabilities to SQL injections or other insertions of malicious code? Perform periodic reviews of your site to determine its weaknesses, and address them as quickly as possible.

Make sure it’s a favorable impression. By conducting regular website security maintenance, you’re in a better position to protect your customers and yourself from major problems such as malware infections and data breaches.

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