Promoting the Gathering and Assessment of Intelligent Information

Promoting the Gathering and Assessment of Intelligent Information

The Critical Thinking Community wants to teach students how to think positively and with awareness. How we think has a direct correlation with our success and if we are consciously aware of our thinking process we can make better decisions in life.

Self-assessment is a large part of the Community. Successful critical thinking is not taught in most colleges, and requires discipline to ensure one is utilizing the thought process to the best of one’s ability. We can evaluate the thinking that we do by assessing clarity, ensuring that we stay on topic, and forming powerful and intelligent queries that give us a better understanding of the topic at hand.

There are many aspects of the Critical Thinking website all geared toward improving the way we think. Current events on are covered by a research group called STATEWATCH, based in Europe. One recent featured topic is the use of unmanned aircraft “drones” as weapons. This is not because of the controversy that these drones have stirred, but more out of the necessity to point out how news and media are biased.

The current events section provides factual information, documents, and reports that allow readers to formulate a concise opinion based on facts and critical thinking.

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