Should I Get an Information Technology Degree?

Should I Get an Information Technology Degree?

Whether you are considering a career in information technology (IT), or you have already started down this career path, you should take a moment to consider getting a degree in information technology. While many people are able to work in IT without formal education, there are many benefits an IT degree can provide. Here are just a few of the reasons to get an Information Technology degree.

Access to More Job Opportunities

IT is currently a great field to get into with the expected job growth for this industry being 25% in the next five years. While this means that there is no shortage of IT jobs available, an IT degree will put you at the head of the pack after graduation, making it easier for you to find a job of your choice at a top company. You will also have access to better positions that require an IT degree, giving you a wider range of job opportunities to choose from.

Make More Money

With an IT degree, not only will you have access to a wider range of positions, but you will also likely make more money with an IT degree. In fact, on average it is estimated that IT professionals with degrees make $20,000 a year more than their counterparts without a degree. This means that an IT degree is truly an investment that pays for itself over the course of one’s lifetime.

By getting a degree in information technology you will have access to a wider range of high paying IT jobs than you would have access to if you entered this field without a degree.

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