Proof That You Need to be Monitoring Your Solutions Seriously

Proof That You Need to be Monitoring Your Solutions Seriously

Many companies tend to put their monitoring solutions on the back burner, at least, that is until a great example comes along that reminds businesses why they should even care about monitoring solutions in the first place. This time, the reminder was 24 spammers who where were scamming off American citizens by posing as Microsoft support staff representatives.

Fortunately, through working with Microsoft’s International digital Crime Unit, a cell of the Delhi police were able to spot the scammers and take down their calls before they scammed any more innocent customers. They alerted the United States who was then able to take action on the case.

How Did That Scam Work?

Typically, the average customer will be required to pay a fee to get support assistance for issues they are having with their computers from representatives at a large company such as Microsoft. These scammers posed as the Microsoft representatives and in order to provide “assistance” to customers they would collect payment information for the typical $100 to $500 fee that is required for their assistance. Once they got the people’s personal financial information they could inflict the damage.

To make matters worse, these specific scammers would gain access to the person’s information and instead of helping, they would download malware into their computers once they were granted access. It was thanks to the watchful eye of Microsoft employee Nripenda Kashyap that she noticed these activities through his monitoring system and sent information to the DCU so they could investigate and stop these criminals.

What Do We Learn From This?

Situations like this one at Microsoft have sadly become all too common in our technologically advanced age. As technology advances, so do the number of ways scammers can take advantage of innocent, unassuming clients. Companies and businesses need to understand that without vital IT Support guys on their side, this could easily be them next time. Their company or businesses could fall victim to these frauds and scammers just like Microsoft customers did.

Along with IT Support from professionals, being sure that they know how to act when a threat emerges (such as a scammer or a hacker) and who to alert to keep the threat from causing actual damage. Claims generally cost 3.3 million users about $1.5 billion annually and that was as of 2014. Numbers have likely increased again since then as more and more hackers are out to take any advantage they can of an opportunity to hack someone and make money while doing it.

Even for those companies who are looking to monitor their own solutions independently, there is some level of knowledge and expertise that is needed to necessary to detect issues that might be arising over time. Many computer programs will return a perfectly normal report but there can be plenty of underlying problems that are there if the trained eye were able to catch it.

Keeping Your Systems Updated

Moreover, keeping your networks and systems fully upgraded are vital to ensuring that your data and company information is as protected as possible. As the market becomes a higher threat environment, being sure that your systems are fully upgraded to protect your information as well as it can be protected is key to not letting hackers in there in the first place. The sooner threats are identified and taken care of the sooner that they can be taken care of and fixed before your information is compromised or other issues arise.

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