What Does the Cryptolocker Virus Look Like and What Do I Do Now?

If the above image is currently counting down on your PC, we at Computer Support Specialist are very sorry. The CryptoLocker, a “ransomware” virus, has been plaguing the internet for several months due to its ability to continually change its code to avoid detection and removal.

No matter what, please do not pay these people. Reports have been made that even after payment users have still been unable to get their files back. Paying them will only help them to continue to build more and more of these ransomware type viruses.

For home PC users, the best thing you can do is reinstall your Microsoft Windows, wiping out everything in the process. If you have good backups this shouldn’t be too upsetting. For those of you that have not done any backups you can try a Windows System Restore using a date prior to that of infection.

For businesses you will want to contact a local Computer Support Specialist to effectively remove this virus. It has the ability to spread through networks quickly and can disable your entire business infrastructure if not properly dealt with.

For more information on the CryptoLocker visit NetworkWorld’s blog here.

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