Having Trouble with Windows 10? Try Linux!

Having Trouble with Windows 10? Try Linux!

Today more and more people are using Windows 10, mainly because the vast majority of new computers come with it pre installed. This doesn’t mean however that most people are having a great experience with it.

Common problems include serious privacy issues, virus and malware infections, excessive resource usage causing computers to slow down, updates popping up at random times which interfere with workflow, trouble installing third party software, and so on.

You might ask yourself isn’t there something better than Windows 10 that I could be using? Well actually there is and it’s called Linux!

Linux is rock solid with respect to any privacy or malware issues. There is no one spying on what you do; everything remains completely private. Also, there is no need to install virus and malware protection since virtually all Linux distros have protection intrinsically built into the structure of the operating system.

With Linux you don’t have to worry about your system slowing down. First of all, Linux uses a much superior filing system than any Windows system does. It is not even necessary to defragment the files in Linux since a negligible amount of fragmentation occurs. And on top of that, even the heavier Linux distros are much lighter in RAM and CPU usage than Windows 10. Some of the lightest Linux distros can even make an old machine run almost like a new one.

Forget about the worry of annoying updates popping up at the worst time. Linux will let you install updates whenever you want. And they’re a lot easier to install too; Linux distros will update all of your software at the same time. No more individual third party updates to deal with. With most Linux updates it is not even necessary to restart your computer like it is in Windows. What could be easier?

So really, what are you waiting for? Linux is basically free of charge and not too difficult to install. You’ll have hundreds of different distros to choose from in the Linux world with a wide range of different characteristics and attributes. In fact there will be such a large variety that you will be astonished. 

Don’t put up with Windows 10 any longer. Get started with your favorite Linux distro today!

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