Will New Technology Really Change Work and Home?

Will New Technology Really Change Work and Home?

If you’re ever bored on a Friday night, go back and read dated doomsday articles. Whether these articles are related the tempest in a teapot that was Y2K or the fear that e-books will wreck the publishing industry, after a while, you’ll notice that no matter the tech being discussed, many of the arguments start to sound alike.

From a historical perspective, what strikes home is not the evolution of these social concerns, but their similarity from one century to the next, to the point where they arrive anew with little having changed except the label (Slate).

While it’s not clear that emerging technologies will wreck society, it is clear that they will definitely impact life–particularly at work and in the home.


Clearly, the introduction of computers and automated phone systems had a huge impact on the workforce. Since their introduction, further technological developments have produced exponential change.

For example, it’s just a matter of time before self-driving cars are delivering pizzas, and augmented reality projection technology such as Lightform are applied industry-wide, from enhancing live entertainment to helping interior designers pitch ideas to clients.


With services like Amazon Prime Air stepping up the online marketplace by using drones to deliver packages, and smart fridges helping out in the kitchen by letting you check its contents while you’re at the store and then pulling up recipes for you once you’re done shopping, it’s clear that changes at home will keep pace with those in the workforce.

While the pace of the changes may seem dizzying, the changes themselves are exciting. With everything moving so quickly, sometimes it’s hard to feel that you’re keeping current. Fortunately, you have us.

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