3 Things to Know About Why Updates are Vital to Your Company’s Safety

3 Things to Know About Why Updates are Vital to Your Company’s Safety

Most of us have experienced the annoyance of waiting for our computers to update while we anxious drum our fingers wanting to move onto the next task. But rather than be annoyed, it is important to remember why we have these updates in the first place. In this blog post, we will discuss 3 things to know about why updates are vital for your company’s safety.

Hackers Exploit Out-of-Date Systems

Updates and patches are there for one main reason—to fix issues that users or the developers themselves have identified. Some of these errors allow for malicious users to hack into your computer or network and wreak havoc. You can liken a computer without the most recent updates to a business leaving their front door unlocked. It only takes someone with the wrong intent to check that door and find out it is open for them to cause whatever harm they desire.

Updates Can Pile Up

When you aren’t consistent about letting your computer update, the updates pile up and there never seems like a good time for you computer to spend an hour updating. Staying on top of your updates keeps your computer safe from being vulnerable. At AE Technology Group, we suggest planning updates for a time when your network isn’t busy. Perhaps set a weekly reminder on your phone or computer to run any updates on your computer. Make it right before your lunch break or run updates before a meeting when you won’t be needing your device so it can update without causing any inconvenience to you.

AE Technology Group Can Help

At AE Technology Group, we can help manage your updates so they don’t seem overwhelming while still providing all the security you need for your computers and systems. Don’t leave your door unlocked—so to speak—and encourage staff to complete regular updates. To find out more about how AE Technology Group can help, contact us today.

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