Choosing Cloud Services: Are You Ready To Make The Right Decisions?

Choosing Cloud Services: Are You Ready To Make The Right Decisions?

An increasing number of businesses rely on cloud services for at least some of their computing needs. The Motley Fool recently compiled a thought-provoking list of cloud computing stats – among them an estimate that by 2019, we’ll see over twice as much spending on public cloud services than we did in 2015. Are you choosing cloud services for your business?

Given the plethora of services, one of the challenges you face is figuring out what cloud computing solutions work best for you and how to optimize them for your company. Another statistic from The Motley Fool article is a survey showing that 32% of respondents didn’t think their IT departments could deal with the increasing amount of work based in the cloud.

Choosing cloud services

We can help give you the confidence to make the right cloud computing decisions and work with the most helpful services to reach your business goals.

Finding guidance for cloud computing decisions

What are some of the considerations to make when deciding on cloud services for your company?

  • Choosing between public and private cloud options, and deciding on whether you’re best served with hybrid solutions that combine data stored in the cloud with data kept on local devices in on-site storage.
  • Figuring out which services are cost-effective for you, giving you a strong return on investment through enhanced productivity, greater efficiency, and a reduction in unnecessary spending (such as the purchase of a server you don’t need).
  • Choosing cloud computing solutions that offer both reliability and security. You want to ensure that your sensitive data is under powerful protection when it’s stored, under use, and transmitted. You also want to rely on thorough, easily retrieval data backups in case of an IT disaster; permanent data loss or lengthy downtime can destroy your business.

For more information about high-quality cloud services, please contact us. We have the experience and training to suggest and implement solutions that are best suited for your particular needs.

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