Cloud Servers: 4 Questions to Ask When Considering Cloud Solutions

Cloud Servers: 4 Questions to Ask When Considering Cloud Solutions

Cloud servers are an excellent option for housing data, increasing security, and having a backup system. They offer a sense of security should something happen to your regular database due to natural disaster, a security breach, other other issues.

But what do you need in a solution for cloud based drives and servers?

When looking for a solution for cloud servers, you need to consider these five factors before deciding what you should do:

Does it cover disaster recovery solutions?

In this day of so much daily hacking and security breaches, it is more important than ever that you prepare for the inevitable. No one wants to think about it, but if you had to reconstruct much of your data, if important data was lost, or compromised, how would you handle it? The ideal cloud servers should all address this problem of how to recoup necessary files and information if the system was temporarily shut down due to a disaster and it should work in seamlessly with your disaster plan.

Does it offer an extra layer of security?

The ideal cloud solution should offer an extra layer of security to protect you. The infiltration into millions of Target customers’ accounts just a few weeks ago is proof that more security is needed to protect your customers and your business from security disasters.

Does it offer 24/7 tech support?

Technical support is important and you should have access to this on a regular basis. Does the company give you access to knowledgeable professionals when you need them, even in times of non-disaster situations?

Do they specialize in data protection and storage?

Protection of critical data is essential and storage is also important to you and to your customers. Make sure the solution has enough bandwidth and storage capability to house all your data.

Does it fit the needs of your business?

Each business is different, so think about how your business fits in with your cloud solution server and consult with someone about what your business needs to get the most out of it.

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