Most Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts – Computer Tip of the Day

Most Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts - Computer Tip of the Day

When working a job that requires a lot of work on a computer it is important to know your computer as well as possible in order to work efficiently.  One of the easiest ways to work efficiently with a computer is to know the computer’s shortcuts.

Once you know the shortcuts you can quickly type the shortcuts and seamlessly go from one place to another without lifting your hand from the keyboard, reaching over the mice and searching for what you need to do.  Some of the most helpful shortcuts are even pretty universal, meaning they work on most computers and in most programs.

These are some of the most helpful shortcuts to learn.

Bold, Italics and Underline – Typing can be a lot easier if you know shortcuts to edit your text.  Highlight the text you want to edit and press CTRL + B to bold, CTRL + I to turn the word into italics and CTRL + U to underline the text.

Copy and Paste – Learning how to copy and paste will make any job that requires copying words from one place to another a lot easier.  To copy any text you simply highlight the word and then press CTRL + C.  To paste something click where you want the text to go and the press CTRL + V.

Go to Desktop – Pressing the Windows Key + D will automatically close all your windows and go to your desktop.

Go to My Computer Folder – If you need to find a file in a folder the easiest way to start with your My Computer folder.  You can go to this folder immediately by pressing the Windows Key + E

Go to Windows Task Manager – The Windows Task Manager is a helpful menu that will allow you to lock your computer while you step away or it will allow you to switch users if multiple people use the same computer.  You can go immediately to the Windows Task Manager by pressing CTRL + ALT + Delete.

Help – If you need help with any program that you’re using the F1 is universally used as the shortcut to bring up a help screen.

Select All – If you have a document open and you want to copy all the text you can simply press CTRL + A to select the whole thing.  This also works to select all files in a folder when you have a folder open.

Undo and Redo – We all make mistakes sometimes but you can quickly fix these mistakes with the undo and redo shortcuts.  If you type or paste something by mistake, pressing CTRL + Z will undo it.  If you decide you did need that after all pressing CTRL + Y will make it come back.

Zoom In and Out – If you hold the CTRL button and then use the wheel on your mouse you can zoom in and out on.  Alternatively you can also zoom in and out by holding the CTRL button and pressing + or -.

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