Computer Networks Made Simpler

Computer Networks Made Simpler

When some think of computer networks, a broad range of complicated ideas can come to mind.

Networks can be implemented in relatively simple and useful ways that don’t require a great deal of thought, however, and can even be implemented in a small office without a great deal of hassle. Knowledge should include what the needs of the network users will be and the capabilities of the computers involved.

An understanding of some common network topologies would help as well, to help get a picture of the final goal — topologies are designs implemented by the physical layout of computers in the network.

Uses of networks including but not limited to file-sharing and data-sharing can be accomplished with the internet — a mishmash of different topologies. This seems to be what most people feel comfortable using and include file-sharing services such as DropBox, Facebook Messenger, and Gmail. However, as said, networks in the business place can serve for file and data-sharing and generally has its uses — the network topologies are typically configured in one of two ways.

The first way is by connecting all computers in the network to a hub or switch, and the second way, if only two computers are being used, can be done by connecting them directly to one another. If one has a little time to spare, money can be saved by doing research on the internet on how to set up a simple network using the said concepts.

The said topologies can handle a variety of different types of uses not limited to file and data-sharing — depending on what a network will be used for, higher-grade hubs and switches might need to be used. Computers and network hardware will all have to be compatible with each other as well, so remember to factor that in while conducting research. 

Although setting up networks can be relatively simple, some require advanced knowledge in which assistance should be obtained from those with experience.

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