Computer Security: Don’t Use The Same Password For Multiple Accounts

For the sake of convenience, many people like reusing the same password across multiple accounts. The password that gives them access to their email may also be the same one they rely on for social media, online banking, work-related tasks, or recreational activities. That is not smart computer security.

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What they sometimes don’t realize is that if any one of these accounts gets compromised in a data breach, hackers will have the ability to use the password for multiple personal accounts, inflicting a broader violation on privacy and security.

That’s why our computer security tip of the day is a warning against using the same password for multiple accounts.

Computer security tips you should know!

How does Yahoo help illustrate this important point?

Recently, Yahoo announced that a massive cyber attack compromised data from more than a billion accounts. (Yes, a billion.) The attack, which took place in 2013, is a record-breaker, and it’s alarming that a few years passed without public knowledge of such an extensive breach in security.

The attack didn’t affect all Yahoo users in the same way. It also isn’t clear at this point what information got exposed from which accounts. However, hackers were able to get at data that included names, birthdays, passwords, and security questions.

Anyone who hasn’t updated their Yahoo password, and who uses the same one for multiple sites, is especially at risk. A similar vulnerability can arise for any password security questions that get repeated across sites.

Be sure to review your accounts and update your passwords, as necessary, not only to make them more complex but also to correct for repetition. For additional advice on coming up with strong passwords and managing them effectively, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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