How Do Managed Service Providers Benefit Real Estate Companies?

Real estate companies typically perform a variety of functions including both the buying and selling of residential and commercial properties, along with minor or perhaps even major involvement in the rental markets as well. While the real estate industry has been somewhat reluctant to wholeheartedly embrace technology as an integral partner to help them provide services to their clients, there are signs of that changing.

Streamlining Communication

Real estate agents typically spread their time between the office, visiting properties with clients, as well as working from home. One of the ways a managed service provider can help make the work lives of real estate employees easier is by offering them a VoIP communication system. With one phone number accessed over the internet, real estate agents are much more available to both clients and other real estate staff. An added bonus is that VoIP is significantly less expensive than traditional methods of voice communication.

Simplifying Tenant Oversight

Managed service providers can also help set up applications that help automate tasks involved in tenant oversight. With property management software, the more mundane tasks such as running credit checks on potential tenants along with analyzing past payment records is now automated. Digitizing lease agreements can help real estate companies reduce their previously enormous paper use, down to a fraction of its former level. Property management software can also automate some of the processes involved in the tracking and collection of rental payments as well.

Expanding Globally

Professional MSPs typically view keeping abreast of the latest technology trends as one of their primary responsibilities. This allows them to provide the necessary support behind the scenes for these newer types of technologies. For the real estate market, this means MSPs can make suggestions regarding the best apps, social media outlets, and websites for reaching the widest audience available. Real estate agents can reach a wider audience by providing recorded video walkthroughs, along with photo close ups of unique features of a home or property, then uploading that information for viewing by a global audience.

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