Computer Tip of the Day: Backing Up Your Data

Computer Tip of the Day: Backing Up Your Data

In the workplace, backing up your data and keeping your sensitive data secure is important. Even if you’re under the impression that there’s only a slim chance of losing your files, never take a risk.

Whether it’s a natural disaster, or someone in the workplace looking to steal your info, there are numerous scenarios where your data can be lost or compromised. With that said, one of the best ways to secure your information, is by backing up your files. Speaking of which, here are some important backup tips you should consider.

Have Multiple Backup Methods

Whether you’re using a flash drive or cloud backup services, make sure you have several contingency plans. While there’s no doubt that cloud is one of the best services around, having a USB flash drive is beneficial as well.

Not only is it portable, but all you have to do is plug the device into any computer, and upload all your files from there. Having multiple backup plans is also beneficial in case you’re temporarily unable to access one option.

Know Which Files Are Important

Before backing up your data, also be sure to know which files are important, and which aren’t. For the former, especially, there’s nothing worse than discarding sensitive data that you thought no longer had any value. Not only should you double-check, but also create a folder on your desktop for your important files. That way, when it’s time to back up your data, you already know what needs to be secured.

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