Computer Tip of the Day: Managing Account Settings

Computer Tip of the Day: Managing Account Settings

Windows users enjoy a plethora of options for applications and web viewing. For many, shared computers are a necessity. For the computer tip of the day, learn to manage your account settings.

By managing your account settings everyone gets what they need while the primary user makes sure no one accesses anything they shouldn’t.

From your desktop click on the windows start button located at the lower-left corner of the screen. For newer windows updates it is four white squares, older editions may appear as a box or circle with four boxes that are red, green, blue and yellow. Scroll up to settings, and click on accounts. You can manage many things here, let’s focus on the section labeled ‘family and other users.’

On this screen, you have two options. Add a family member or other users. When adding family members the main administrator gives each member their own sign-in and desktop. They can assign kid safety options so they may view appropriate content, games, apps and may also set time limits. Other users would be those who are not members of your family with fewer search and app restrictions but no access to personal information.

By creating a sign-on screen for each member of the family adults can leave work stored safely on a family computer where kids cannot accidentally make changes or delete any vital information. Parents can also ensure their children are making appropriate time management and safety decisions when they are not being actively monitored.

If you have any questions about user accounts or other IT related inquiries, please contact us.

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