Daily Computer Tips For Organizations

Daily Computer Tips For Organizations

As computers become a necessity in almost every other enterprise, it is essential for executives to gain knowledge on how best you can safeguard their systems. That will not only protect against external threats but also inherent risks likely to impair the normal functioning of such installations. Here are some tips to consider on a continuous basis to make that possible.

Beware Of Social Media Posts

In an era where social media interactions are the order of the day, you need to exercise caution regarding the information you avail to the public on such avenues. Employees with access to your company’s online social accounts can release unauthorized details about the firm through these social tools.

That gives online hackers an opportunity to use such data to dig deeper into various aspects of a particular entity. Therefore, monitor your firm’s social media accounts closely and advise those who have access to company social accounts on the dangers of sharing such details as ID numbers, birth dates, among others on these accounts.

Consider Using Passwords With Many Characters

Password-guessing programs and computer hackers can easily crack simple passwords. Using passwords with a combination of letters, symbols, numbers, and special characters make it harder for any of these to access an organization’s network system. It is wise to encourage all employees to use such passwords as a safety precaution. Also, remind them to choose a combination they can recall quickly.

Do not forget to caution your staff against storing such information on their computers or writing the same on a piece of paper for reference as well. Instead, insist on having them memorize their login credentials.

Avoid WEP WiFi Security Connections

Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) is an older protocol that is less secure for staff wishing to access the company’s network remotely. Nowadays, most companies are working with their employees remotely for various reasons. Such individuals may want to obtain certain documents from the entity from time to time and from a different location, depending on the task at hand.

In such situations, these workers should ensure that access to such networks is through WiFi Protected Access (WPA2). The latter offers high-grade encryption critical for safeguarding the firm’s systems. If you need more information on computer tips for organizations, contact us today.

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