Email Misuse

Email Misuse

The boss has made it very clear that he or she is not happy about employees abusing some of the company’s resources. Multiple employees are facing disciplinary actions because of e-mails that have been spreading around the office. Those employees are being scolded for violating company security. How did any of this happen? How could this happen in your workplace?

Using computer technology in any workplace has created a simulated battlefield of likely downfalls for employees who do not abide by the usage policies that have been established by the corporation. Computer software, computer hardware, and internet access are provided to employees for business use only.

The systems everything is running on belongs to the company. Since the system belongs to the company, there should not be any expectations of any type of privacy. Many companies will engage in observation of computer access and computer usage, including surfing the web and viewing email content.

Here are some tips that we hope can ensure that company security does not threaten the security of your job.

Misusing Email

It is never a good idea to send an email that is sexually or racially disparaging. You could face accusations of creating an unfriendly work environment. It is important that everyone always remember that you will no longer have any control once you click Send. You may send the email to one person, but that person may share it with everyone else in the office. Eventually, that email will be traced back to you.

It is also not a good idea to leave your email account signed in when you are not at your desk. Someone could have easy access to your email and send messages without you having any knowledge of it. Someone who wants to sabotage your job could take advantage of you leaving your email account open.

Breaches In Confidentiality

Everyone in the workplace has an obligation to protect any data and documents that are confidential. Avoid using your laptop or other mobile devices to read confidential reports in public places. You will never know who is looking over your shoulder while you are reading. You should also avoid sending emails to the wrong person. If you inadvertently send data or statistics to the wrong person in the workplace, you can create more problems than you want to have.

The security of your devices should always be one of your main priorities. Never leave your laptop in plain sight because if it is stolen, the information that it carries can be taken and used by anyone. You should never blatantly misuse the devices the company has provided. You can be seen as untrustworthy and irresponsible if you misuse the company’s computer system in any way. You should protect all information and sign out of your computer when you are getting ready to leave the office.

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