Four Steps to Earning Your Computer Support Specialist Certification

Four Steps to Earning Your Computer Support Specialist Certification

Earning your computer support specialist certificate will open up more job opportunities at a higher pay level, and it just takes four steps to complete. Although your steps may not be exactly what another’s will be due to the your chosen computer field, some general rules will apply.

First, enroll in a certificate program. An associate degree at a community college, vocational school or technical school in areas such as computer science, information technology and desktop support will be helpful for a better position, but not necessary. Courses may include Introduction to Operating Systems, Computer Network Fundamentals, and Computer Applications, among others. You will learn troubleshooting techniques and start to master project management skills. You will acquire the skills needed to monitor and maintain computer systems.

Second, apply for internship. Experience gained through internship will be a valuable asset on your path to certification. Your area of specialization may not matter at this point; companies will provide on the job training.

Third, seek out a lower level position. Even without an internship, this position provides professional work experience that is invaluable to certification and will advance you to the level you desire. Some entry-level positions include help desk, call center support or security consultant.

Lastly, begin to take the series of exams to pass your certification test, whether for Microsoft’s Certified Solutions Associate (MSCSA), Cisco’s Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT) or CompTI A+ certification.

Re-certification will most likely be required every one to three years. As you gain experience and take more continuing education, you may qualify for more advanced certification.

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