How to Build a Great Email Blast

A Guide to CSS Support in Email

It can be difficult to create an email using code because each email client has a different level of support for the CSS you choose to stylize it with. Much of the features of HTML and CSS that we use today to design websites just aren’t available. Because of this you will have to go back to the basics to get emails to have that modern, responsive, mobile friendly look you’re looking for.

FreshMail performs a yearly analysis of CSS support for email clients and this year they have gone into more detail than ever. You can see what will work and what won’t in order to build your perfect newsletter or email blast.

What The Guide Includes:

Inside this ultimate guide to CSS support for email you will find a detailed examination of CSS3 properties that can be utilized in emails, a how to on creating emails for mobile devices, and an analysis of ways to include animations and videos in your message.

Advice for Coders and Marketers:

  • Open Rates Statistics
  • Responsive Design Advice for Newsletters
  • How to Build the Perfect Newsletter
  • CSS Properties Examination

Visit FreshMail to get the best practices for email coding, and good luck on your next campaign.

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