How to Take Full Advantage of Gmail Features

How to Take Full Advantage of Gmail Features

Gmail has quite a few powerful tricks that can protect your personal information and improve your efficiency in business.

Here is your computer tip of the day: How to take full advantage of Gmail.

Manually Redirecting Spam

After your account name, you can place a plus sign and a keyword that you want to highlight as a source of spam. Gmail allows you to redirect these emails into any folder that you want.

Proprietary Domain Structuring

You can make a Gmail address look as though it is sending mail from your own website domain. The listing is under Settings, then Accounts, then Add a New Email Address. Input your name and the other email address that you want to use.

Connect Your RSS Reader to Gmail

Setting up your RSS reader to let you know when you get a new Gmail message is easy. Enter the feed name as “” Then enter your password and your username. Not all feed readers have this capacity, so do not automatically assume that it is your fault if this trick does not work; just switch feeders.

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