IT Support in New York Can Help Your Business Manage App Security

Numerous people use their mobile devices for business purposes. A smartphone or tablet can help your employees get their work done more efficiently and flexibly, from multiple locations and at different times throughout the day. It’s important, however, to keep in mind the potential vulnerabilities of mobile devices.

One kind of security weakness comes from the types of apps you introduce to the device and how to manage app security.

Be Careful With the Apps You Download

recent article on the rise of malware targeting iOS devices points out steps people can take to make sure their app use is more safe. The article urges people not to use jailbroken devices that have been stripped of some of their key defenses against unauthorized apps. It also recommends sticking to the official App Store with its more carefully vetted apps.

One of the ways a dedicated IT support team can help your business is by managing the apps your employees use on their mobile devices. The following are some of the protective measures IT professionals can contribute to:

  • Drawing up and enforcing policies on permitted vs. unauthorized apps, or forbidden uses for certain apps (for example, forbidding the transmission of sensitive data with a particular app).
  • Installing stronger cyber security features on your phones as a whole.
  • Specifically strengthening protection for the parts of your phone dedicated to business-related data and communication.

Many businesses feel frustrated in trying to manage their employees’ mobile device use. What solutions can they rely on to govern the use of apps and better safeguard the more sensitive data on their devices?

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