Keeping Your Laptop More Secure – Computer Tip of the Day

Keeping Your Laptop More Secure - Computer Tip of the Day

Anyone who owns a laptop knows just how important it is to keep their device secure. For some, they learn the easy way, but others have to learn the hard way. Some may have a laid back attitude about their security, and only consider taking it seriously when their computer becomes infected.

With that said, even if you do take your security seriously, there’s always room for improvement. What are some ways to keep your business device more secure? Here are some computer tips to consider.

Don’t Share Your Passwords

This may seem like common knowledge to most, but it’s still easy to be careless. After spending a lot of time around those in the workplace, you may begin to feel comfortable divulging your information to them. After all, the more you get to know people, the more you trust them.

With that said, not every incident in the workplace is due to a hacker from cyberspace. Believe it or not, the people you trust the most in your business could be the ones looking to steal your information. With that said, never share your passwords, and update them on a regular basis.

Know What Sites to Avoid

Always be careful about the sites you visit too. Even if you take your security seriously, it’s easy to be the victim on an unsuspecting website. This is especially true if the site appears to be harmless at first glance. Fortunately, depending on the anti-virus software you install, it can alert you on what sites are considered dangerous.

McAfee and Kaspersky, for example, both have a safe search. The search results on your web browser give you an indication of what sites in the results are safe, and which ones carry potential risks.

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