How Much Does a Computer Support Specialist Earn?

How Much Does a Computer Support Specialist Earn?

Computer Support Specialists are in demand by many organizations, and the field will continue growing by as much as 12% in the coming years, faster than the average for all occupations. As businesses continue to upgrade their computer equipment and software, Computer Support Specialists will increasingly be needed to install and repair more sophisticated computer hardware and software. Smaller companies that do not have an in-house information technology (IT) department will contract for services from IT firms and increase the demand Computer Support Specialists in those firms.

The salary for a Computer Support Specialist varies by location with employees working in large metropolitan areas commanding the highest salaries. Currently, a computer support specialist can expect hourly earnings of from $12.30 to $25.22 with overtime pay running from $20.55 to $36.09. The average entry-level Computer Support Specialist can expect to earn approximately $16.75 an hour. Most also receive a benefits package including medical, dental, and even vision coverage.

In addition to a higher than average starting wage and a benefits package, many Computer Support Specialists also receive bonuses, commissions, and profit-sharing. Bonuses in the field run up to $3,394, commissions as high as $10,625, and profit-sharing bonuses of up to $1,200. Entry-Level workers in this occupation can expect to see bonuses of up to $3,394 and profit-sharing of $1,200.

Depending on location and experience, a Computer Support Specialist has an annual salary, including incentives and benefits, of $28,776 to $58,815. The average pay in the field is about $42,735 per year. Entry-level annual salaries for qualified Computer Support Specialists are between $25,654 and $52,925, with average earnings of about $38,000.

With the demand for Computer Support Specialists expected to continue to grow, higher than average salaries and great working conditions, this field is worth learning more about!

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