Understanding Servers, Routers and High-Speed Fiber Cables

While most business owners, managers and organization heads understand the need for good cyber security, they often don’t understand quite what they’re securing. They leave the need for understanding the, “technical stuff,” to their security experts without really knowing whether the plan they’ve chosen really meets the needs of their organization.

The reason most people don’t know if they have the right security system set up for their organization is because they don’t have a working understanding of the internet that’s simple for them to grasp. Though we can use the internet as a tool to do pretty amazing things, it functions in a way that’s almost as simple as the first telephone system.

What is Your Network Support Team Managing and Securing For You?

The internet is a way to connect computers to one another. It grew out of a 1960’s project sponsored by the US Department of Defense to help businesses and the government collaborate on military research.

The Internet Uses:

  • Routers (devices that send information out, for example your home has a router),
  • High-speed fiber optic cables (most information travels through these cables owned by local phone companies), and
  • Servers (large dedicated computers that serve one function like mail servers, file servers, etc.),

The internet uses routers, high-speed fiber optic cables and servers to send and manipulate data between two connected computers. Once the two computers are connected, they can share data like videos, text, images and programs.

As you can see, the internet is a pretty simple thing that is also very complex at the same time. In fact the idea everyone has of “the cloud,” is somewhat misleading. However, for the purposes of understanding what your security needs are, a simple understanding of the internet is an excellent place to start. Of course, every organization will have program specific concerns that surpass this simple explanation, like a doctor’s office will need to secure HIPAA compliant patient record management platforms or a CPA will need to secure client financial information and accounting programs like QuickBooks etc.

However, it’s easy to see here that a good security platform for any organization will address all of the core elements of the internet, including the servers, routers and cables you use; along with any programs and software you currently use. For this reason, just having an anti-spyware program downloaded on each computer in the office just isn’t enough for most organizations today.

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