Six Critical Tips for Preventing a Data Breach

Preventing a Data Breach

To get targeted for a data breach is almost inevitable for any organization – or any individual. As long as cyber criminals can steal personal information, including credit card and Social Security numbers, they’ll go after you.

What are some of the most important tips for preventing a data breach?

  1. Don’t use the same login credentials for multiple sites. As discussed in this recent article from CIO, if hackers steal your password from one site, they (or the people they sell your credentials to) will attempt to reuse it on other accounts, even for years to come.
  2. Rely on multiple layers of authentication. For example, two-factor authentication for emails, social media sites, and other accounts require not only passwords but further verification of your identity, usually via phone. Even if cyber criminals somehow get hold of your username and password, they’re still thwarted by the additional layer of defense.
  3. Keep your computing devices up-to-date. Updates often contain patches for security holes. Outdated software, and older machines and systems, usually remain vulnerable to a number of threats.
  4. Safeguard all your devices and channels. Installing anti-malware programs and firewalls on all devices is essential. So is encrypting communication of sensitive data. Don’t forget to cover all hardware in your network, including digital security cameras, sensors, and other Internet of Things devices.
  5. Rely on network monitoring. Unusual levels of traffic, suspicious login patterns, and other strange activities can indicate a breach. If you catch them early on, you’re more likely to block a data breach or minimize its damage.
  6. Practice vigilant computer habits. Cyber criminals will try to trick you into disclosing information; often, they’ll do this by pretending to be a reputable individual or organization. Always think twice before downloading attachments or clicking on links in an email. If you receive a request for sensitive information, verify the source and double-check with colleagues and supervisors. Draw up enforceable policies for safe computing habits.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for additional advice and assistance. We’re happy to help you strengthen your cyber security defenses and prevent a devastating data breach.

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