The Hype About Cloud Hosting

Visibility and Security Among Top Cloud Technology Concerns

“Progress is a nice word. But change is its motivator. And change has its enemies.” Robert Kennedy

Let’s face it. Change can be hard. This is especially true when entire industries have to go through growing pains. Think about how frustrating it was when the home video industry changed up on Blockbuster. They had a nice, cozy place as a household name throughout America and several other countries. Then, wham!

This is the way a lot of companies that focus only on dedicated hosting are likely feeling today. Yet, for many businesses, dedicated hosting still does have a place. Every dedicated hosting customer isn’t going to cancel. However, for many business models, switching to the cloud just makes more sense.

Because of natural competition, many professionals with biased interests haven’t done much to clear up confusion over the security that cloud hosting platforms can offer businesses, especially SMB’s.

The popular discourse can have you imagining all sorts of cloud vulnerabilities, yet truthfully, nothing leaves you more vulnerable than having only one server. In addition, the top corporations of the world (like Google), rely entirely on multiple cloud hosted servers.

The Numbers

Simply put, cloud hosting puts the resources of several servers at your disposal. This is financially impossible for most companies that rely on dedicated servers. Hence, these companies typically have just 1 or 2 servers. Should your website experience a DDoS attack for example, bandwidth issues and other problems your competitors will experience won’t be a concern for you.

With cloud hosting, you can also pay for what you need. If your business grows, you pay for more resources. Dedicated servers cost much more money to set up. You also have to maintain them and update them yourself. For many businesses that means hiring staff and buying new hardware and software every year.

Though these are tax write-offs, it’s important to determine if dedicated servers are affordable and practical in the long run. Alternately, some businesses share servers with other businesses to cut dedicated server costs down to cloud hosting costs. However, this diminishes reliability and redundancy. Shared VPS typically isn’t the best solution.

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