Two-Factor Authentication: Your Password’s Bulletproof Vest

Two-Factor Authentication: Your Password's Bulletproof Vest

Most websites now have minimum requirements for password strength in order to help protect your account. A combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols are often required for many accounts to accept your new password. However, due to a rise in malicious attacks on a variety of levels, taking extra steps to protect yourself is never a bad option.

A plethora of sites and services now provide an option for two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of security to protect your account.

This comes in the form of a one-time password that you must generate in addition to your static password. These special passwords are usually generated from an app linked to the account or through an email, but may also come in the form of an automated call or text message. Random alphanumeric characters and short periods of validity make sure that these passwords are impossible to guess or spoof and provide an extra layer of security against data-breaches.

Even if a third-party obtains your password through nefarious means they will still be unable to log in without your secondary authentication method. Furthermore, if your account is set to receive an email, call, or text you will be notified that someone is attempting to access your account. This gives you the opportunity to change your password and secure your account without allowing the attacker access to any personal information you may have stored.

Account security is something that cannot be ignored. Many sites require at least some form of personal information and may contain sensitive data such as names, addresses, and payment information.

Two-factor authentication is a great step towards protecting yourself against unwanted intrusion. It can help keep you secure in the event of a data breach and provides an extra layer of protection against keyloggers and other malicious means of capturing your password. It can help provide peace of mind and act as an early warning system against compromised accounts.

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