Using Old Computer Operating Systems

Using Old Computer Operating Systems

Most people who use computers on a regular basis are familiar with the term “operating system”. Any computer built has some way to utilize the hardware that makes up the computer — to carry out the work needed for which the computer was built.

For decades, operating systems have been changed and upgraded to meet the needs of many changing industries. In decades long past, operating systems were not user-friendly and were generally the playing field of scientists and hobbyists.

However, more recently, particularly in the past 10 years, computer operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, iOS, and Android have evolved to the point where not only are they user-friendly, but can do a great many different tasks and for a relatively inexpensive monetary cost.

But does the existence of new operating systems mean that those preceding them are useless? Do old computers with older operating systems have to be thrown out or hauled away to the recycling center? Not necessarily and not if one is willing to do a little research. For example, a computer running Microsoft Windows XP, though Microsoft has mostly stopped supporting it, can be configured as a file server where several employees connected to the same network can access company files on the server.

Furthermore, where internet-based backup solutions are not desired, backup routines can work fine within the said type of setup. Storing office files on one computer locally (a server), makes it easy to backup company files since only the server would need to be backed up — if company files are stored on an array of several different employees’ computers, that can make backing up company files tedious.

It should be noted that the administrator of any file server should carefully consider security risks revolving around the use of it, if connected to the internet. This is especially true if the operating system in use is no longer supported by its manufacturer.

This is only one in a bunch of ways to utilize outdated computer operating systems.

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