When Do You Need Managed IT Services?

When Do You Need Managed IT Services?

How do you know when managed IT services are the best choice for your business?

The alternatives are to wing it informally or to have an in-house staff. One makes sense if you make minimal use of computer tech; the other requires an organization big enough to justify full-time employees. For a very broad range in between, hiring outside experts makes the most sense.

Think about some of these factors when deciding:

  • Is using computer technology an essential part of your business? If so, you need to seriously consider IT management, whether it’s your own staff or a managed service provider.
  • Are 24-hour support and high uptime important? Keeping people on call around the clock has problems. An IT person who’s awakened to fix a crash will need some time to figure out what’s going on. One who’s awakened too often will look for another job.
  • Is data security a critical issue? Everyone has to worry about network security, but if you keep confidential information on your site, you need to be extra careful. If you can’t afford a security staff, you should strongly consider managed services.
  • Do you have complex data requirements? If you’re just running a static website with a contact form, it doesn’t need a lot of management. If you maintain a database with important business information, you need to make sure it’s well run.
  • Is IT one of your core specialties? Then your own people may be able to take care of your network infrastructure. Even in that case, though, it could make more sense to let your employees focus on the customers and not be distracted by internal maintenance issues.
  • Would losing all your data be catastrophic to your business? If so, you should seriously consider engaging managed services so that you have a workable disaster recovery plan.
  • Is your business big enough to justify a full-time IT staff? If not, managed services can be a more economical and effective solution.

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