Why Do Businesses Hire Managed IT Services?

Why do businesses hire managed IT services? When you are shopping around for IT services, you have probably seen many IT providers offer both hourly IT services and managed IT services. You may be wondering what the difference is and why managed services for Long Island businesses are a popular choice. Is it worth it for your company?

So why do businesses hire managed IT services?

  • An established monthly cost: This may scare away some potential customers. You might be thinking, “Why would I want to pay a monthly fee when I don’t know if I will need IT services every month?” This is a fair question. But you also need to be realistic. Examine your IT costs from the past few months. If you find your individual IT expenses are adding up quickly, managed IT services would be right for you. With a monthly fee and no surprise fees, we take care of all of your IT needs. And if you aren’t ready for managed IT services at this point, we still want to help you. Our devoted IT experts are on-call for hourly support as well.
  • Preventative maintenance: You understand the value of preventative maintenance for your car, the appliances in your home, and even your own body. The same principle is true for the hardware and software at your business. When your technology is running optimally, you are more likely to avoid those meltdown scenarios.

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