3 Quick Fixes for Many Mac Issues

3 Quick Fixes for Many Mac Issues

If your Mac happens to encounter an issue, the solution might be quicker and easier than you think. Here are three simple repair methods you should try before calling Apple Care that will save you time, money, and energy.

Method 1: Reset the NVRAM

The NVRAM stores settings related to the clock, display resolution, output volume, start-up disk selection, and more. “Zapping” the NVRAM is often all it takes to restore the desktop or laptop’s settings, if they happen to go awry.

How to Reset the NVRAM

  1. Completely shut down your computer. 
  2. Upon powering up, hold down the keys optioncommandP, and R until your machine appears to restart.

Afterwards, your computer should start-up as it normally would.

Method 2: Verify Your Disk

Verifying your disk with Disk Utilitywill inform you of any errors relating to the disk verified.

How to Verify Your Disk

  1. Launch Disk Utility. 
  2. Select the disk you would like to verify from the left side-bar.
  3. Click and run First Aid

If Disk Utility detects an error, the following method will repair it.

Method 3: Repair Your Disk

This targets issues related to the disk; app or file crashes, corrupt files, start-up errors, etc… 

How to Repair Your Disk

  1. Boot your machine in recovery mode by holding down Command-R until the Apple Logo appears.
  2. Open Disk Utility from the macOS utilities box.
  3. Select the disk that you’re going to repair from the left side-bar.
  4. Click and run First Aid

If your disk is irreparable, you can back up your data and reinstall macOS

Spare yourself the effort, energy, and frustration of an unnecessary service call with these three simple repair methods.

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