5 Handy Tips To Keep In Mind When Using Microsoft Word

5 Handy Tips To Keep In Mind When Using Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is one of the most common software suits in the world and is likely to be the leading name recognized around the world. However, the software is so well known that it’s hard to call anyone who uses such basic software something of a “power user”.

However, for our weekly tips we are going to dive a bit deeper into the true capabilities of Microsoft Word and show you how you can up your game a bit to get the most out of the software.

The following are 5 handy tips to keep in mind when using Microsoft Word:

  1. Faster Backspacing: It’s very frustrating to use a word processor such as Microsoft Word when you realize that you have messed up typing a word or sentence for the first (or tenth) time, especially when you are trying to get a document written up by a certain deadline or within an allotted time frame. However, the good news is that there is a shortcut to backspacing more quickly than constantly hitting the “Backspace” key again and again or holding it down to watch a sentence disappear. Consolidate the process by hitting the “Ctrl” key and Backspace key. This will delete an entire word rather than just a letter at a time.
  2. Side-By-Side Documents: If you need to compare two documents while looking at them both at the same time. Whether comparing documents or editing them simultaneously Word does allow you to open two documents side-by-side and even scroll through them simultaneously. Once both documents are opened, click “View” and select the “View Side By Side” option to see your documents appear side-by-side on the same screen.
  3. Spike Text: Cut and paste is probably one of the most often-used and most useful features that Word has to offer. Microsoft has now also added another function that can make the feature even more useful as this feature is more condensed. It is called Spike. If you are looking to move a section of information that you have already typed needs to be moved, however, the text that you want to pull out is spread throughout the rest of the text. Rather than doing multiple copy and pastes while also deleting it from that section to compile in another section, you can Spike it. You can select each section you need and remove it from the text by pressing “Ctrl” and F3. This will appear to cut the content but if you simply select “Ctrl”, “Shift”, & F3 you will be able to empty the clipboard into the new section or even into a new document to move text more effectively.
  4. Finding Your Location: Every word processor, including Microsoft Word, trains its users to save the content before they close the document when they are finished working on the document (at least for that section). However, it can be quite irritating when you reopen the document and the cursor is at the top of the page when that is not where you need the cursor to be to continue writing. It can be hard to remember where you left off, especially if you are editing a section of text or are looking to work on a certain section of the document. To help put your cursor where you want it Microsoft Word lets you press “Shift” + F5 to take you to the last place where you left off.
  5. Easy Hyperlinks: Hyperlinking in your text can give something you are writing more credit or help take a reader to another website with more related, pertinent information. This also applies to many business documents or when you want to cite other sources in your work. To do it in a quick and easy manner, highlight the text you want to link and press “Ctrl” + K and a new window will come up. Then add the URL that you are linking to the address bar and press “Enter” to complete hyperlinking the text.

These are just 5 of the great tools that Microsoft Word offers to help make working on their Word Processor easier. Give these tools a try the next time you are using Microsoft Word and enjoy the time it saves you and the increase of productivity you can gain from these shortcuts.

While millions of people worldwide use Microsoft Word, few know of these secret shortcuts that can make the platform more functional for your needs. These are our “weekly tips” that are here to teach you 5 ways to make Microsoft Word work better for you.

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