5 IT Myths Heard All Too Often Your Business Should Know

5 IT Myths Heard All Too Often Your Business Should Know

Working in IT can leave the door open for a lot of technology myths, conspiracies, and even rumors that will often times circulate around the water cooler. Some of them are downright funny and give your IT team a laugh. We’ve heard them all, and wanted to share them with you so you don’t get tripped up by these IT urban legends. 

Overnight Charging 

While a smartphone’s battery was once subject to overheating if it’s charged for too long, improvements to the battery have added a “trickle effect” that merely adds stress to the phone. Fortunately, you’ll do very little damage to your phone if it’s left charging overnight. However, the trickle effect can cause your phone to overheat which means you’re not completely out of the woods. If you have any reserve about charging your phone overnight, it should be about overheating and not overcharging. In fact, the experts suggest: removing your case to avoid making the problem worse. 

A Mac Is Immune To Viruses 

This is close to being true, but not quite. Your MacOS is still subjected to other internal infections that includes various malware, phishing attacks, and ransomware. The reason threats are so rare against Macs is a simple cost/benefit factor. Windows PCs have a higher market share that hackers are aware of leaving a small sliver for Macs. 

Cartridge Not Working? Blow On It

The massive 5 inch cartridges that offered us entertainment on our video games in the 80’s wouldn’t always boot on the first try. Children and teenagers would remove the cartridge and blow in it and then reinsert it into the game console. However, the actual problem with the connectors not being aligned. To fix it, one only had to simply reinsert it. The vapor from human breath probably did more harm than good over time. 

I Don’t Need Security. I Don’t Have Anything Important Stored On My PC

Unfortunately, this couldn’t be any further from the truth. If you check your emails or have social media accounts on your PC or other devices, a hacker will still pillage your information. If you have accessed a storage file, you have opened yourself up to a ton of risks. A hacker can have access to every account you’ve opened simply by hacking your email. Long story short… secure your computer. 

Google Pays For Preferential Treatment

When you do web searches and see that little ad, this means a business (or website) has set up a budget with Google in an attempt to attract more web traffic. It’s proven to be worthwhile for businesses, but we have become “adver-content” and only 20 percent of web traffic will actually click through these ads. This means the ads are profitable to the website they belong to and Google, but certainly not us-unless we’re interested in their business niche. 

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