5 Safety Tips When Using Public WiFi Hotspots

5 Safety Tips When Using Public WiFi Hotspots

Do your work needs force you to stay connected on the go? Fortunately, public Wifi hotspots are everywhere. However, it’s important to know how to stay safe when using public hotspots. Keep these tips in mind when using public WiFi.

Connect Safely

Not all networks are equal. Make sure you’re connecting to the right network and not to a spoofed network that’s been set up by a hacker. Don’t connect to networks with suspicious names. Try to use hotspots that are semi-private, such as hotels that only give out their password to their guests. If you’re in an airport, look for airport cafes that offer their own, smaller, network.

Surf Safely

When surfing the internet, try to use an HTTPS connection whenever possible. If possible, use a Virtual Private Network to encrypt your data.

Be smart about what you do online. Avoid entering passwords on public networks. Don’t download software when using public Wifi. Push off your online banking until you get home.

Turn On Your Firewall

Make sure you have an antivirus installed, and make sure your firewall is on. In addition, turn off file sharing if you are on a Windows PC. On Apple devices, turn your Airdropping settings to “Contacts Only.”

Avoid It When Possible

You don’t always have to use public Wifi. Some things can be done offline and synced later. If your plan allows it, you may be able to use your phone’s mobile data to create your own password-protected mobile hotspot.

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