5 Tips and Tricks for Using Firefox

5 Tips and Tricks for Using Firefox

Do you use Firefox a lot? While not as popular as Google Chrome, Firefox has a lot of great functions and options to make your browsing and research easier. Here are some useful tips and tricks for Firefox.

Configure Firefox

If you want to configure Firefox to better suit your needs, type about:config into the address bar. Firefox will give you a warning about messing up your browser; choose to proceed. You will then have the option to choose between various configurations. Don’t change anything that you don’t understand, however; the warning is there for a reason.

Customize Your Shortcuts

If you want to change the default Firefox shortcuts to ones that you are more comfortable with, download the Customizable Shortcuts extension from Mozilla. You can then choose to change and modify your keyboard shortcut options, which comes in handy if you have to use certain ones regularly.

Add Keywords to Bookmarks

If you have certain bookmarks that you want to be able to access quickly, you can add a keyword to them. Once you do that, all you have to do is type your keyword and you will go to that specific webpage.

Delete Previous Searches

When you start typing something into the address bar, Firefox will give you suggestions based on your previous search history. Sometimes, however, this can get annoying. To delete these suggestions, simply use the downward arrow button to scroll through the suggestions and highlight the delete option.

Discover Your Memory Usage

If you want to know which add-ons are using up the most memory on Firefox, type about:addons-memory into the address bar. You will get a list of your add-ons, along with information about how much memory they are using up. This is useful if you find Firefox to be slowing down and want to speed it up.

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